You don’t always need a special occasion to celebrate life!

Classy entertainment has always been in our DNA. Le Carillon has been one of the main references for partying since the 50s. In those years our club was visited by the most legendary people of the moment. In front of Paraggi Bay, one of the five most beautiful in the world, shipowners such as Aristotle Onassis spent their hours in the company of opera singer Maria Callas, and Hollywood legends such as Frank Sinatra and Rex Harrison, as well as entrepreneurs and aristocrats. That was also the era of the great orchestras that accompanied the endless evenings at Le Carillon, during which the venue also became famous for its privacy and style.


Come join us for a night of pure party in the only club on the beach of Paraggi Bay.

Elegance, fun, exclusivity.  Dancing facing the sea has never been so glamourous.

Door policy: entrance is subject to management’s discretion and we reserve the right to refuse entry to guests with or without a reservation.


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