Carillon Seafood Platter
Shrimps, scampi, 3 oysters, razor clam, smooth clam, truffles, scallops, tuna, sea bass
Cappon Magro
Sea bass, shellfish and vegetables in green sauce
Santa Margherita Ligure Prawns
Steamed shrimps, mixed tropical salad, passion fruit mayonnaise
Truffle Tartare
Piedmontese beef meat, vinaigrette sauce and black truffle
Fish Carpaccio
Steamed with seasonal vegetables and pomegranate


Iceberg, radishes, red salad, tomato, fennel, carrots, orange, green beans, Taggiasca olives, tuna and toasted hazelnuts
Black rice, tomato, cooked ham, buffalo mozzarella, sunflower seeds, quail eggs, walnuts, corn, melon and rocket salad
Club Sandwich
With crunchy potatoes
Smoked Salmon Toasted Sandwich
Smoked salmon of our production, wholemeal bread with goat cheese and caramelized red onion
Mediterranean Toasted Sandwich
Wholemeal bread with salted Cantabrian anchovies, tuna and burrata stracciatella
Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich
Serrano Ham and Melon
Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Basil Leaves
Vitello Tonnato with Sweet and Sour Vegetables 


Paraggi Ravioli
Stuffed with Santa Margherita Ligure prawns, sautéed with clams
Gnocchi with Squid
Mediterranean flavors
Taglierini with Lobster Morsels
Long pasta, lobster, pistachios and lime scent
Green Tortelli
Stuffed with pesto on creamy vitelotte potatoes, toasted pine nuts
Shrimp Carbonara Tagliatelle
With raw shrimp, caviar and pancetta


Sea Bass Fillet
Potato mousse, vegetable garden and black garlic reduction sauce
Catalan Style Lobster
With crudités and three sauces
Crispy Crust Turbot Fillet
Fresh tomato water and blanched vegetables
Mixed Fry Le Carillon
Squid, prawns, scampi, anchovies and vegetables julienne
Beef Fillet
With crispy potatoes


Wafer Biscuit
With berries and Chantilly cream
White chocolate crust, vanilla crumble
Zabaione Parfait
Foamy cream and black chocolate hot sauce
Gianduia Chocolate Bavarian Cream
With crunchy hazelnuts
With strawberry topping